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Lori Tolley-jordan

Jacksonville State University
United States of America


Research documents freshwater invertebrate biodiversity and seeks to understand its dynamic nature in both natural and modified systems. Freshwater invertebrate biodiversity is dynamic through space and time. The underlying causes of the dynamic nature of invertebrate biodiversity are hierarchical in nature ranging from: 1) individual, 2) population, 3) community, and 4) ecosystem levels of organization. I enjoy learning and understanding biodiversity of a wide variety of invertebrates, both terrestrial and aquatic, at all of these hierarchical scales. Much of my recent research has focused on the diversity of freshwater periwinkles (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae) whose epicenter of global biodiversity is here in Alabama, right in the backyard of JSU. In my lab, students interested in invertebrate natural history, taxonomy, systematics, and ecology will work in an active environment where they collaborate, teach, and learn together about the exciting world of invertebrates.

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