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William Wright

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
United States of America


Dr. William Wright is currently affiliated to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States of America, continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology. Education: PhD, State University of New York, 1979

Research Interest

Biochemistry and molecular biology reproductive biology cell-cell interactions testis Sertoli cells germ cells spermatogenesis gene expression


  • Kim, G., and Wright, W.W. (1997). A comparison of the effects of testicular maturation and aging on the stage-specific expression of CP-2/cathepsin L ribonucleic acid in Sertoli cells of the Brown Norway rat. Biol. Reprod. 57, 1467-1477.

  • Johnston, D.S., Wright, W.W., Shaper, J.S., Hokke, S.C., van den Eijnden, D.H. and Joziasse, D.H. (1998). Murine sperm-zona binding, a fucosyl residue is required for a high affinity sperm binding ligand. J. Biol. Chem. 273, 1888-1895.

  • Zabludoff SD, Charron M, DeCerbo JN, Simukova N and Wright WW (2001). Male germ cells regulate transcription of the cathepsin L gene by rat Sertoli cells. Endocrinology 142: 2318-2327.

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