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Sheng-xing Ma

Professor in Residence
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute
United States of America

Sheng-xing Ma


Dr. Ma's research focuses on the biochemistry and physiology of nitric oxide and related biomolecules. He studies the biocapture of signal transduction cascades over skin acupuncture points/meridians as a translational research tool to assess diseases (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure) and to elucidate effects and mechanisms of mind-body practices. Additionally, he is interested in the neural control of sympathetic/cardiovascular functions and mechanisms of acupuncture via nitric oxide related signaling systems in the dorsal column pathway. His research projects encompass a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary techniques ranging from physiology/pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and histochemistry to integrative research in both animal models and human studies.

Research Interest

Biochemistry and physiology of nitric oxide


  • Infrared heat treatment reduces food intake and modifies expressions of TRPV3-POMC in the dorsal medulla of obesity prone rats. Int J Hyperthermia. 2011;

  • Changes in nitric oxide, cGMP, and nitrotyrosine concentrations over skin along the meridians in obese subjects. >Obesity (Silver Spring). 2011

  • Effects of electroacupuncture Zusanli (ST36) on food intake and expression of POMC and TRPV1 through afferents-medulla pathway in obese prone rats. Peptides. 2012

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