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Glenn Sinclair

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Louisiana State University
United States of America


Dr. Glenn Sinclair went to the California Institute of Technology as a Fulbright Scholar and received his Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics in 1972. After graduation he served as a J. Willard Gibbs Instructor at Yale University then as a lecturer at the University of Auckland before joining the faculty at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). In 2000 he left CMU to be Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana State University (LSU), a position he held until 2008. Currently he is the Groves Hodge Professor of Mechanical Engineering at LSU. His principle area of expertise is stress analysis and he has consulted for a dozen or so major international/ Fortune 500 companies in this area. At this time he is an internationally recognized expert on the identification and removal of stress singularities: the latter is an essential step in modeling any manufacturing process from micro to macro scales if molecular dynamics studies are to be compatible with continuum mechanics treatments. He also has expertise on the verification of finite element methods: verification is a critical requirement if simulations of manufacturing are to lead to true insights.

Research Interest

Traditional fracture mechanics: Singularity identification and interpretation, development of related numerical tools, assessment of classical fracture mechanics, Nontraditional fracture mechanics: Improving modeling to remove stress singularities, Tribology: Contact and fretting problems, development of air bearing models, Numerical methods: Development of submodeling procedures and verification techniques. Examples of applications include modeling and analysis of blade attachments in jet engines, head-disk interactions in hard disk drives, can extrusion processes, and spinal implants in humans.


  • G.B. Sinclair, G. Meda and B.S. Smallwood, "On crack-tip stresses as crack-tip radii decrease," Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol. 78, pp. 01104-1-8 (2011).

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