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Bishop, Thomas C

Associate Professor
Physics & Chemistry
Louisiana Tech University
United States of America

Bishop, Thomas C


Dr. Bishop’s contribution to the CIMM effort is in the area of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME). He is developing a hubzero instance ( for the CIMM effort that will serve the ICME needs of this group. This REU allows the student to participate in any area of data, modeling, analysis, collaboration, computation and workflow development. There will be significant work this first year setting up, configuring, debugging,implementing and developing our CIMM-Hub. The CIMM-hub will be closely coupled with LONI( compute and storage resources. Experience with python scripting, high performance computing, workflows or materials modeling is desired, not required. Ability to solve problems is required..

Research Interest

Chemistry, Physics, CBERS, Molecular Science and Nanotechnology, Nanosystems Engineering


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  • Pasi, Marco & H Maddocks, John & Beveridge, David & Bishop, Thomas & A Case, David & Cheatham, Thomas & Dans, Pablo & Jayaram, B & Lankas, Filip & Laughton, Charles & Mitchell, Jonathan & Osman, Roman & Orozco, Modesto & Pérez, Alberto & Petkev, Daiva & Ut, ¯ & Spackova, Nada & Sponer, Jiri & Zakrzewska, Krystyna & Lavery, Richard. (2014). muABC: A systematic microsecond molecular dynamics study of tetranucleotide sequence effects in B-DNA. Nucleic Acids Research. 42.

  • Mohan, Suma & Bishop, Thomas & Mahadevan, Vijayalakshmi. (2015). SIN Mutations Alter Structure and Dynamics of Human Mononucleosomes. Biophysical Journal. 108. 319a-320a.

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