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Niel D. Crews

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Louisiana Tech University
United States of America


Niel D. Crews is an Assistant Professor at Louisiana Tech University, as of August of 2008. Here at the IfM, I am able to associate and collaborate with world- class researchers, skilled staff, capable administrators, quality students, and good friends. I have been found saying that this "is the greatest job in the whole wide world". Prior to this appointment, I held a postdoctoral position in the Pathology research lab of Carl Wittwer, the patron saint of rapid cycle PCR. I obtained a Ph.D. from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah in 2008, under the tutelage of my advisor, Bruce Gale (Microfluidics), Carl Wittwer (Pathology), and Tim Ameel (Thermal Sciences). With their guidance, I developed an expertise in microfluidic thermal systems for biological applications. I am grateful to be able to move forward in this vibrant research area as a faculty member at Tech.

Research Interest

Mechanical Engineering, CBERS, Institute for Micromanufacturing, Molecular Science and Nanotechnology, Nanosystems Engineering


  • Nestorova, Gergana & Crews, Niel & Guilbeau, Eric. (2015). Theoretical and experimental analysis of thermoelectric lab-on-a-chip ELISA. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics. 19.

  • Kopparthy, Varun lingaih & Crews, Niel. (2015). Microscale Thermal Biosensor: Critical Design Considerations and Optimization.

  • Nestorova, Gergana & Hasenstein, Karl & Nguyen, Nam & DeCoster, Mark & Crews, Niel. (2017). Lab-on-a-chip mRNA purification and reverse transcription via a solid-phase gene extraction technique. Lab Chip. 17.

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