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Pedro Derosa

Associate Professor
Louisiana Tech University
United States of America

Pedro Derosa


Dr. Genov holds multiple advanced degrees in Theoretical Physics and Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering and a Doctoral degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Purdue University, USA. From 2005 until 2008 he was a research associate at the NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Genov joined Louisiana Tech University in 2008 and is currently an associate professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering. His research interests include electromagnetism of nano-structured complex media and metamaterials, gravitational analogues in the lab, novel optoelectronic devices, plasmonics and enhanced light emission at the nanoscale. Dr. Genov’s has published three book chapters and more than 70 papers in leading peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings including Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics, Physical Review Letters, etc. His research on metamaterials, cloaking and optical black holes has been extensively featured in the US and foreign media, including on CNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, Scientific American, etc.

Research Interest

Electromagnetic properties of nano-structured complex media including: metal composites, rough surfaces, fractal aggregates, and ordered media, Solid state and condensed matter physics: geometrical phase transitions, scaling theory, classical and quantum wave localization, Nanophotonics and quantum optics, nonlinear optics and spectroscopy, quantum dots, nanoscopic lasers and optical elements, Artificial materials: metamaterials and negative index media, electric and magnetic plasmons, electromagnetic cloacking


  • Self-consistent electro-optical Modeling of light matter interactions at the interface of InAs PN+-junction RK Vinnakota, D Genov, MH Alsaleh Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics, ITh2C. 2

  • Saturation of Diamagnetic Response at THz Frequencies for Parallel Slabs Metamaterials MH Alsaleh, RK Vinnakota, D Genov Novel Optical Materials and Applications, NoM2C. 6

  • Magnetic response of parallel slabs metamaterials at THz frequencies MH Alsaleh, RK Vinnakota, DA Genov Active Photonic Platforms IX 10345, 1034508.

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