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Linda Foit

Ludwig Institute’s IP Office, New York
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
United States of America


In 2007, I moved to the U.S. from Germany to conduct my Ph.D. studies at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. After receiving my Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from University of Münster, Germany, in 2010, I trained as a postdoctoral fellow at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Ann Arbor and at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. At Northwestern, I also worked part-time at the Innovation and New Ventures Office, the university's technology transfer entity. Throughout my research career, I have enjoyed solving scientific problems in a variety of different fields, ranging from biophysics to cancer research to nanotechnology. I have folded and unfolded proteins, created gold particles that mimic the human cholesterol carrier HDL (the "good cholesterol") and taught bacteria to produce more stable proteins. In 2015, I joined the Intellectual Property team of the Ludwig Institute, where I help Ludwig researchers to obtain intellectual property on their cutting edge technologies and inventions.

Research Interest

Technology development, patent licensing


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  • Foit, Linda, et al. "Optimizing protein stability in vivo." Molecular cell 36.5 (2009): 861-871.

  • Quan, Shu, et al. "Genetic selection designed to stabilize proteins uncovers a chaperone called Spy." Nature structural & molecular biology 18.3 (2011): 262.

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