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Phillip Wong

Ludwig Center at MSK 
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
United States of America


As head of the Immune Monitoring Facility in MSKCC's Ludwig Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, I am dedicated to the development and provision of world-class, cutting-edge immune monitoring technology to support a wide variety of ongoing cancer immunotherapy clinical trials. We provide clinical sample banking services as well as robust, standardized serological and cellular assays to identify immune correlates and biomarkers of clinical outcomes. I received my PhD in immunology from the University of Washington and was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Immunology Program at MSKCC. Before joining the Immune Monitoring Facility I spent more than eight years in the pharmaceutical industry at Wyeth and Roche, where I was a senior scientist supporting therapeutic programs in vaccines and inflammatory diseases with an emphasis on the clinical translation of laboratory assays.

Research Interest

Immunotherapy, cancer treatment, cancer biology, serological and cellular assays


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