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Roberta Zappasodi

Ludwig Center at MSK 
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
United States of America


I am investigating how co-stimulation, with agonist anti-GITR, and checkpoint blockade, with antagonist anti-CTLA4 monoclonal antibodies affect suppressive T cells in tumor microenvironment. In particular, I am involved in the study of the mechanisms responsible for the success or failure of these antibodies in preclinical mouse models. I am also investigating the induction of immune responses to self-antigens using a vaccine based on Alphavirus-like replicon particles, alone or in combination with immune modulation.

Research Interest

Monoclonal antibodies, tumor microenvironment, immune responses


  • Zappasodi, Roberta, et al. "The effect of artificial antigen-presenting cells with preclustered anti-CD28/-CD3/-LFA-1 monoclonal antibodies on the induction of ex vivo expansion of functional human antitumor T cells." haematologica 93.10 (2008): 1523-1534.

  • Di Nicola, Massimo, et al. "Vaccination with autologous tumor-loaded dendritic cells induces clinical and immunologic responses in indolent B-cell lymphoma patients with relapsed and measurable disease: a pilot study." Blood 113.1 (2009): 18-27.

  • Rizvi, Naiyer A., et al. "Mutational landscape determines sensitivity to PD-1 blockade in non–small cell lung cancer." Science 348.6230 (2015): 124-128.

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