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Sadna Budhu

Ludwig Center at MSK 
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
United States of America


I developed a three-dimensional collagen-fibrin gel system to examine tumor-specific T cell killing. Coupled with an equation (bt=b0e-kpt+gt) that accurately models T cell killing of melanoma cells, collagen-fibrin gels represent a quantitative model for assessing the cytolytic activity of antigen-specific T cells. My research focuses on quantitatively assessing the role of radiation, chemotherapy, immune modulation and cancer-specific vaccines on the effector T cell responses to tumor antigens using breast cancer and melanoma as model systems.

Research Interest

Melanoma, radiation, chemotherapy, immune system models


  • Loike, John D., et al. "Differential regulation of β1 integrins by chemoattractants regulates neutrophil migration through fibrin." The Journal of cell biology 144.5 (1999): 1047-1056.

  • Hirschhorn-Cymerman, Daniel, et al. "Induction of tumoricidal function in CD4+ T cells is associated with concomitant memory and terminally differentiated phenotype." Journal of Experimental Medicine (2012): jem-20120532.

  • Budhu, Sadna, et al. "CD8+ T cell concentration determines their efficiency in killing cognate antigen–expressing syngeneic mammalian cells in vitro and in mouse tissues." Journal of Experimental Medicine (2010): jem-20091279.

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