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Gerald Solensky Jr

Macdonalds Irrigation Ltd
United States of America


As Chairman and CEO of Zomedica, Gerald Solensky is determined to revolutionize the animal health industry by building an unprecedented business model alongside a world-class leadership team. With a 20-year track record building successful operations within start-up, turnaround and rapid-change environments, Gerald is committed to helping animals by ensuring the success of the veterinarians who care for them. Gerald began his career with Yamaha Motors as the youngest executive to command national and international accounts averaging US$50 million in total sales. He entered the banking industry serving as Regional Vice President of Fifth Third Bank, where he managed US$250 million portfolio, and subsequently as Senior Vice President at IndyMac Bank where he managed the P&L statement in the mortgage-backed security division. Before joining Zomedica, Gerald served as Director, President and CEO at Dynamic Fuel Systems (now dynaCERT Inc.), a TSX-V listed fuel system technology firm. Most recently, Gerald completed over 800 observation hours in pre-veterinary medicine to garner a more complete understanding of Zomedica’s veterinary customer and their associated needs.

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