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George Zhongxiang Zhao

Assistant Professor
Department of Radiation Physics
MD Anderson Cancer Center
United States of America


Degree-Granting Education:- 2004 :University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA, PHD, Nuclear Engineering Postgraduate Training. 2010-2011 :Clinical Fellowship, Medical Physics, University of Florida, Jacksonville, FL. 2008-2010 :Clinical Residency, Medical Physics, University of Florida, Jacksonville, FL.

Research Interest

Radiation Physics, Radiation Oncology


  • Su B, Zhao Z, Hawari AI Chen J Investigation on using passive neutron counting techniques for online burnup monitoring of pebble bed reactor fuels Progress in Nuclear Energy 48:686-702, 2006

  • Pisacane VL, Dolecek Q, Maas F, Nelson M, Taddei P, Zhao Z 2006-01-2146 MIDN, MIcroDosimeter iNstrument (MIDN) on MidSTAR-I SAE Trans. J. Aerospace 115:355-359, 2007

  • Taddei PJ, Zhao Z, Borak TB A comparison of the measured responses of a tissue-equivalent proportional counter to high energy heavy (HZE) particles and those simulated using the Geant4 Monte Carlo code. Radiat Meas 43 (9-10) :1498-1505, 2008.

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