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Garth Merrick

Merrick Pet Care
United States of America


 Garth Merrick, founder of Merrick Pet Care, Inc., began his family-owned business in 1988 with an idea and the support of his family and friends. Together with his wife, Susie, and their four children, Garth built the company from their home in Hereford, Texas, near AmarilloToday, the company Garth founded with his family has grown to become Merrick Pet Care Inc., a leader in the super-premium pet food category. Its mission is to create the most nutritious and wholesome food that it can, to help families take better care of their pets. According to Garth, that clarity of purpose has helped drive them from the beginning. Over the years, hundreds of employees have helped grow Merrick Pet Care in to a national favorite and a world-class operation. 

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