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Bijaya Shrestha

Associate Teaching Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
United States of America


" B.Sc. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, 1974 M.Sc. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, 1978 Ph.D. University of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla MO, 1995 "

Research Interest

" Photon transport in semiconductors Statistical physics Monte Carlo techniques Neutral particle transport algorithm development Neutronics and Photonics Medical applications Computer vision and Image processing Feature extraction and identification "


  • B. Shrestha, J. Bishop, K. Kam, X. Chen, R.H. Moss, W.V. Stoecker, S. Umbaugh, R. J. Stanley, M. E. Celebi, A.A. Mahrgoob, G. Argenziano, H.P. Soyer, “Detection of atypical texture features in early malignant melanoma,” Skin Research and Technology, 2010; 16: 60-65

  • W.V. Stoecker, K. Gupta, B. Shrestha, M. Wronkiewiecz, R. Chowdhury, R. J. Stanley, J. Xu, R.H. Moss, M. E. Celebi, H. S. Rabinovitz, M. Oliviero, J. M. Malters, I. Kolm, “Detection of basal cell carcinoma using color and histogram measures of semitranslucent areas,” Skin Research and Technology, 2009; 15: 283-287

  • W.V. Stoecker, K. Gupta, R. J. Stanley, R.H. Moss, B. Shrestha, “Detection of asymmetric blotches (asymmetric Structureless areas) in dermoscopy images of malignant melanoma using relative color,” Skin Research and Technology, 2005; 11: 179-184

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