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David Johannes Pommerenke

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology
United States of America


"Dr. David Pommerenke research interests are system level ESD, electronics, numerical simulations, EMC measurement methods and instrumentations. He received the Ph.D. from the Technical University Berlin, Germany in 1996. After working at Hewlett Packard for 5 years he joined the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory at the Missouri University of S&T in 2001 where he is professor. He has published more than 200 papers and is inventor on 13 patents. His main research interests are measurement/instrumentation ESD, and EMC. He is senior IEEE member and associated editor for the IEEE Transactions on EMC. He is IEEE Fellow Education Ph.D. E.E., Technical University Berlin, Germany, l995 Diploma, Technical University Berlin, Germany, l989"

Research Interest

" Electromagnetic compatibility Electronics Instrumentation and measurement techniques Electrostatic discharge Sensors and high-voltage systems "


  • Xinxin Tian; Halligan, M.S.; Liangqi Gui; Xiao Li; Kiyeong Kim; Connor, S.; Archambeault, B.; Cracraft, M.; Ruehli, A.; Qingxia Li; Pommerenke, D.; Drewniak, J.L., "Quantifying Radiation and Physics From Edge-Coupled Signal Connectors," in Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on , vol.57, no.4, pp.780-787, Aug. 2015

  • Gao, X.; Sui, C.; Hemmady, S.; Rivera, J.; Yakura, S.J.; Pommerenke, D.; Patnaik, A.; Beetner, D.G., "Modeling Static Delay Variations in Push–Pull CMOS Digital Logic Circuits Due to Electrical Disturbances in the Power Supply," in Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on , vol.57, no.5, pp.1179-1187, Oct. 2015

  • Guanghua Li; Wei Qian; Radchenko, A.; Junping He; Hess, G.; Hoeckele, R.; Van Doren, T.; Pommerenke, D.; Beetner, D., "Prediction of Radiated Emissions From Cables Over a Metal Plane Using a SPICE Model," in Electromagnetic Compatibility, IEEE Transactions on , vol.57, no.1, pp.61-68, Feb. 2015

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