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Shari a. pilon-thomas

Deparment of Immunology
Moffitt Cancer Center
United States of America


Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas is affiliated to Deparment of Immunology, Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas is currently providing services as Researcher. Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented works at many national and International conferences. Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas contributions have acclaimed recognition from honourable subject experts around the world. Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas is actively associated with different societies and academies. Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas academic career is decorated with several reputed awards and funding. Dr. Shari A. Pilon-Thomas research interests include investigate approaches that overcome melanoma-mediated T cell suppression.

Research Interest

Investigate approaches that overcome melanoma-mediated T cell suppression


  • Pilon-Thomas S, Kodumudi KN, El-Kenawi AE, Russell S, Weber AM, Luddy K, Damaghi M, Wojtkowiak JW, Mulé JJ, Ibrahim-Hashim A, Gillies RJ. Neutralization of Tumor Acidity Improves Antitumor Responses to Immunotherapy. Cancer Res. 2016 Mar;76(6):1381-1390.

  • Hall M, Liu H, Malafa M, Centeno B, Hodul PJ, Pimiento J, Pilon-Thomas S, Sarnaik AA. Expansion of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) from human pancreatic tumors. J Immunother Cancer. 2016 Oct;4:61.

  • Pilon-Thomas S, Ruffell B. Tipping the Balancing ACT. Cancer Cell. 2016 Sep;30(3):367-368.

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