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Marcie L. Venter

Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences, Archaeology Program
Murray State University
United States of America


I study the dynamics of ancient states and empires, specifically the ways that frontier communities interact with state actors during expansion. My methodological expertise includes ceramic analysis and historical research, and I incorporate remote sensing and other cutting edge technologies in my work. I am especially fascinated by changes that occurred in ancient Mexico during Aztec imperial expansion, and how indigenous, Spanish, and African populations sorted out a new dynamic during the colonial era. My interests in frontier engagements also extend to the Caribbean, where I have conducted work in Trinidad and Tobago, and where I am planning an archaeological field school in Jamaica (2018-2019 AY). I am also interested in the Contact Era of the Eastern US following the Revolutionary War and migration across the Appalachian frontier. Other Interests: Human-environmental interactions; Technological Choice and Change; Heritage Management and Tourism; Ethnohistory.

Research Interest

Political Economy, Borderland Interactions, Culture Change, Ceramic Ecology, Ethnohistory, Remote Sensing Applications in Archaeology


  • Venter ML. Aztec Provinces of the Gulf Lowlands. InThe Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs.

  • Venter ML, Lopinot NH, Ferguson JR, Glascock MD. Ceramic Production and Interaction in the Northern Range of Trinidad. The Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology. 2017 Mar 1:1-21.

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