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Russell Barton

United States of America


Mr Barton joined Nano One in 2013 and is responsible for the design, prototyping, integration and optimization of the core technology for the production of nanostructured materials. Mr Barton has forty years’ experience in materials, mechanical systems and electrochemical systems including eighteen years designing parts and systems for fuel cell products. He was instrumental in designing Ballard Power System’s first commercial product, NEXA, taking components of the design from concept to manufactured product, working with a small team, tight timeline and limited budget. Mr. Barton has worked with Energizer, Poly Fuel, Ballard and Neptune Dynamics and brings a wealth of knowledge to Nano One in energy storage, chemistry and mechanical systems. Russell is known for his innovative solutions and is credited with 35 patents in the US and foreign jurisdictions.

Research Interest

materials, mechanical systems and electrochemical systems

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