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Imelda Terrazas-salinas

Group lead
Thermophysics Facilities Branch
NASA Ames Research Center
United States of America


Ms. Imelda Terrazas-Salinas serves as the group lead for the Test Engineering Group in the Thermophysics Facilities Branch (TFB). This branch operates test facilities which are very much like high temperature wind tunnels, called “arc jets”. The arc jets are used to test heatshield materials which protect spacecraft from the extreme heat that they encounter when they enter the atmosphere of a planet.Ms. Imelda Terrazas-Salinas received her BS in General Engineering and MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics concurrently from Stanford University in 1987.

Research Interest

TPS Integration: gaps, seams, fillers TPS Robustness: micrometeoroid orbital damage.


  • Nawaz A, Driver DM, Terrazas-Salinas I, Sepka S. Surface catalysis and oxidation on stagnation point heat flux measurements in high enthalpy Arc Jets. In44th AIAA Thermophysics Conference 2013 Jun (p. 3138).

  • Prabhu D, Saunders D, Oishi T, Skokova K, Santos J, Fu J, Terrazas-Salinas I, Carballo E, Driver D. Cfd analysis framework for arc-heated flowfields, i: Stagnation testing in arc-jets at nasa arc. AIAA Paper. 2009 Jun 22;4080:22-5.

  • Park C, Raiche GA, Driver DM, Olejniczak J, Terrazas-Salinas I, Hightower TM, Sakai T. Comparison of enthalpy determination methods for arc-jet facility. Journal of thermophysics and heat transfer. 2006 Oct 1;20(4):672-9.

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