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Tore Straume

Chief Life Scientist
Space Biosciences Research Branch
NASA Ames Research Center
United States of America


Dr.Straume has held senior scientist and academic positions at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab (1975 – 1997), the University of Utah (1997 – 2004), and the NASA Ames Research Center (2004 – present). Although his core expertise is radiation science applied to radiobiology, biophysics, and novel radiation detection technologies, he has also pioneered the development of biotechnologies and is inventor or co-inventor of nine patents in the biotechnology field Dr. Straume received a PhD in biophysics from the University of California in 1982 and a BS and MS from the University of Washington (1973, 1976). He also performed course work and received a certificate in Risk Analysis in Occupational and Environmental Health in 1989 from Harvard University. Dr. Straume’s present position at NASA includes advancing our understanding of health effects from radiation exposure during deep space exploration missions such as Mars and the development of methods and technologies to mitigate such hazards.

Research Interest

Dr. Straume’s outside interests include the development of information and technologies to help autistic kids.


  • Straume T, J Loftus D, Li J, A Coleman M, E Davis C, A McMonigal K, Piccini M, K Singh A. Biomarker-detection technologies for comprehensive medical diagnosis during deep-space missions. Recent Patents on Space Technology. 2013 Jun 1;3(1):13-23.

  • Straume T. Medical Concerns with Space Radiation and Radiobiological Effects. Handbook of Cosmic Hazards and Planetary Defense. 2015:259-93.

  • Straume T, Braby LA, Borak TB, Lusby T, Warner DW, Perez-Nunez D. Compact Tissue-equivalent Proportional Counter for Deep Space Human Missions. Health physics. 2015 Oct;109(4):277.

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