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Harold Robinson

Emeritus Research Botanist
National Museum Institute of the History of Art, Conservation and Museology
United States of America


BS Degree: 1950-1955 - Ohio University, Botany, Major/Zoology Minor`MS Degree: 1955-1957 - Univ. of Tennessee, Botany, Major/Entomology Minor (Advisor: Aaron J. Sharp)`PhD Degree: 1957-1960 - Duke University, Botany Major/Zoology Minor (Advisor: Louis E. Anderson)

Research Interest

My research currently focuses on the taxonomy and revisionary studies of the plant family Asteraceae, including the tribes Eupatorieae, Heliantheae from the New World and Vernonieae of both the New and Old World. I have extended interests in the taxonomy of the Neotropical plant family Bromeliaceae, the Bryophytes from the New World, as well as the insect fly family Dolichopidae.


  • King RM, Robinson H. The genera of the Eupatorieae (Asteraceae). Monographs in systematic botany. 1987;22.

  • Duong T, Robinson H, BA DG, Ritvo A. Lower Purkinje cell counts in the cerebella of four autistic subjects: initial findings of the UCLA-NSAC Autopsy Research Report. Am J Psychiatry. 1986 Jul;143(7):862-6.

  • Comstock RE, Robinson HF. The components of genetic variance in populations of biparental progenies and their use in estimating the average degree of dominance. Biometrics. 1948 Dec 1;4(4):254-66.

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