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Robert J. Soreng

Research Associate
National Museum Institute of the History of Art, Conservation and Museology
United States of America


Robert J. Soreng, Research Associate in Botany. BS, Oregon State University, 1978. MS, New Mexico State Universtity, 1980. PhD, New Mexico State University, 1986

Research Interest

specialize in the taxonomy of cool season grasses (Pooideae), particularly the genus Poa (ca. 500 species world-wide)


  • Soreng RJ, Davis JI. Phylogenetics and character evolution in the grass family (Poaceae): simultaneous analysis of morphological and chloroplast DNA restriction site character sets. The Botanical Review. 1998 Jan 1;64(1):1.

  • Soreng RJ, Peterson PM, Davidse G, Judziewicz EJ, Zuloaga FO, Filgueiras TS, Morrone O. Catalogue of new world grasses (Poaceae): IV. Subfamily Pooideae. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium. 2003 Jan 1;48:1-730.

  • Grass Phylogeny Working Group, Barker NP, Clark LG, Davis JI, Duvall MR, Guala GF, Hsiao C, Kellogg EA, Linder HP, Mason-Gamer RJ, Mathews SY. Phylogeny and subfamilial classification of the grasses (Poaceae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden. 2001 Jul 1:373-457.

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