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George P. Vlasuk, Phd

President and Chief Executive Officer
Navitor Pharmaceuticals Inc
United States of America


 George Vlasuk is a scientifically trained executive with nearly 30 years of leadership experience in drug discovery and development at small and large biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Before joining Navitor, Dr. Vlasuk served as Chief Executive Officer of Sirtris, a GlaxoSmithKline Company, from 2009 to 2013. Prior to Sirtris, Dr. Vlasuk was the Vice President, Metabolic Disease and Hemophilia Research, at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Earlier at Wyeth, Dr. Vlasuk led the areas of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (CVMD), focusing on Type 2 diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, heart failure, dyslipidemia/ atherosclerosis and cardiac arrhythmia.

Research Interest

He is interested in biopharmaceutical, cardiovascular medicine, molecular biology.  

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