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Hamed Bostan

Postdoctoral Research Associate
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
United States of America


Dr. Bostan is a Bioinformatician in Dr. Massimo Iorizzo’s laboratory. His main focus is the development of bioinformatics tools and strategies in bio projects. His interests are in high-throughput “omics” data analysis and modeling, method development for data processing and integration, and establishing biological databases and platforms for data exchanges. As an EU Marie Curie Fellow during his PhD, he has been working on the integration of different “omics” data level for development of gene regulatory networks in pollen thermo-tolerance, and the role of genome methylation and small-rnas on the gene expression mechanism during pollen developmental stages. He has been involved in comparative genomics projects such as S. lycopersicum, S. tuberosum and V. vinifera. He is currently mainly working on blueberry and also involved in other vegetable crop genome assembly and finishing projects which aim to assemble high quality genomes, annotate and investigate them using data produced from different high-throughput techniques such as PacBio, 10XGenomics, Dovetail, RNA-Seq etc. Moreover, he is also involved in the identification of genes playing a role in the accumulation of nutritionally important metabolites such as anthocyanin, or carotenoids in fruit and vegetable genomes. Prior to joining PHHI, Dr. Bostan spent over 10 years in Iran, Malaysia and several different European countries studying in the field, networking and conducting research in biology and bioinformatics labs.

Research Interest

genomics,PacBio, 10XGenomics, Dovetail, RNA-Seq

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