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Matthew Schipma

Research Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and M
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
United States of America


PhD: Loyola University-Chicago, Biochemistry (2004)

Research Interest

Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics


  • aB-crystallin and HspB2 deficiency is protective from diet-induced glucose intolerance Toft DJ, Fuller M, Schipma M, Chen F, Cryns VL, Layden BT Genomics Data. 2016 Sep; 9: 10-17. doi: PMID: 27330996 PMCID: 27330996 ISSN: 2213-5960

  • Hepatic deletion of X-box binding protein 1 impairs bile acid metabolism in mice Liu X, Henkel AS, Lecuyer BE, Hubchak SC, Schipma MJ, Zhang E, Green RM Journal of Lipid Research. 2017 Jan; 58(3): 504-511. doi: PMID: 28039331 PMCID: 28039331 ISSN: 0022-2275

  • Androgen receptor-deficient islet ß-cells exhibit alteration in genetic markers of insulin secretion and inflammation. A transcriptome analysis in the male mouse Xu W, Niu T, Xu B, Navarro G, Schipma MJ, Mauvais-Jarvis F Journal of Diabetes and its Complications. 2017 Feb; doi: PMID: 28343791 PMCID: 28343791 ISSN: 1056-8727

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