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Sydney J Ball

Research Staff Member
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
United States of America


Publications Selected publications 1.“Perspectives on Understanding and Verifying the Safety Terrain of Modular High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactors,” Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 306, pp. 117-123 (2016) 2.“Overview of Modular HTGR Safety Characterization and Postulated Accident Behavior Licensing Strategy,” ORNL/TM-2014/187 (2014). 3.“HTGR Measurements and Instrumentation Systems,” ORNL/TM-2012/107 (March 2012). 4.“Assessment of NGNP Moisture Ingress Events,” INL/EXT-11-21397 (April 2011). 5.“A Graphite Reactor Severe Accident Code (GRSAC) for Modular High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors (HTGRs) User Manual," ORNL/TM-2010/096 (2010). 6.“Sensitivity Studies of Air Ingress Accidents in Modular HTGRs,” Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 238, pp. 2935-2942 (2008). 7.“Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP) GAP Analysis Report,” ORNL/TM-2007/228 (2008). 8.“NGNP Phenomena Identification and Ranking Tables (PIRTs), “Accident and Thermal Fluids Analysis PIRTs,” NUREG/CR-6944, Vol. 2 (2008). 9.“Accident Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants with Modular High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors,” IAEA Safety Reports Series No. 54 (2008). 10.“Sensitivity Studies of Modular HTGR Postulated Accidents,” Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 236, pp. 454-462 (2006). 11.“Considerations in the Development of Safety Requirements for Innovative Reactors: Application to Modular High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors,” IAEA-TECDOC-1366 (2003). 12.“Potential Damage to GCRs Due to Severe Accidents,” ORNL/TM-13661 (1999). 13.“Independent Analysis: HTTR Rise-to-Power and Test Analysis,” JAERI-09-258 (1997). 14.“MORECA-GT: Interactive Simulator for Gas-Turbine Modular HTGR Transients and Heatup Accidents with ATWS Options,” Proceedings of the ARS 1994 International Topical Meeting (1994). 15.“MORECA-2: Interactive Simulator for Modular HTGR Core Transients and Heatup Accidents with ATWS Options,” ORNL/TM-12233 (1992). 16.“Pre-Application Safety Evaluation Report for the MHTGR,” NUREG-1338, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1988) [contributor]. 17.“Dynamics and Inherent Safety Features of Small Modular HTGRs,” Proceedings of the 6th Power Plant Dynamics, Control and Testing Symposium (1986). 18.“Report of the US DOE's Team Analysis of the Chernobyl-4 Atomic Energy Station Accident Sequence,” DOE/NE-0076 (1986). 19.“An Assessment of the Safety Implications of Control at the Calvert Cliffs-1 Nuclear Plant,” ORNL/TM-9640 (1986). 20.“ORNL's NRC-Sponsored HTGR Safety and Licensing Analysis Activities for FSV and Advanced Reactors,” IAEA Specialists' Meeting on GCR Safety and Accident Analysis (1985). 21.“Preliminary Evaluation of HTGR Severe Accident Source Terms,” EGG-REP-6565 (1984). 22.“Dynamic Model Verification Studies for the Thermal Response of the FSV HTGR Core,” Proc. 4th Power Plant Dynamics, Control, and Testing Symposium (1980). 23.“ORECA-I: A Digital Computer Code for Simulating the Dynamics of HTGR Cores for Emergency Cooling Analyses,” ORNL/TM-5159 (1976). 24.“At-Power Dynamics Tests in a PWR,” Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting (1973). 25.“Theoretical Dynamics Analysis of the MSRE” [molten-salt reactor experiment], and “Experiences with Dynamic Testing at the MSRE,” Nuclear Technology, 10 (1971). 26.“Zero-Power Physics Experiments on the MSRE,” ORNL-4233 (1968). 27.“Simulators for Training MSRE Operators,” ORNL/TM-1445 (1966). 28. “Effect on Neutron Level of Hydraulic Fluctuations During Reverse-Flow Operation of the Homogeneous Reactor Experiment-2,” Transactions of the American Nuclear Society 4, No. 2, p.315 (1961).

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