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Hogarth, A. Lewis

Ohio Dominican University
United States of America


Dr. Hogarth, who received his degrees from London University in England, joined the faculty of Ohio Dominican in August of 2000, bringing with him extensive experience from the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. He has presented many papers at local (e.g. Indiana Academy of Science), national (e.g. American Chemical Society) and international (e.g. Association of Official Analytical Chemists) meetings in such diverse subjects as "Microelectronic Apparatus for Analytical Chemists" and "The X-Ray Fluorescence Determination of Elements in Drop Samples of Biological Fluids." In addition, he is the co-author of seven patents dealing with several novel industrial processes connected with the food industry. He has authored more than forty papers in professional journals dealing with topics in classical analysis, instrumental design and use, undergraduate physics and chemistry experiments, mathematics and, most recently, one dealing with the synthesis and chemistry of an unusual copper(I) complex, and another on the re-purposing of obsolete or obsolescent laboratory equipment. In association with his publishing interests, he also referees articles for such journals as Analytical Chemistry, Education in Chemistry and The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics.

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