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Callie Schweitzer

Research Forester
United States Department of Agriculture
Pacific Southwest Research Station
United States of America


Ph.D. in Forest Resources Pennsylvania State University M.S. in Forest Ecology Pennsylvania State University B.S. in Biology Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Research Interest

Forests in the Cumberland Plateau and associated highlands are an amalgam of biological composition and social structure. Using our forested resources wisely requires pragmatic science to address pending questions, and strong partnerships to apply best practices on the ground. The U.S. Forest Service’s field research work unit located in Huntsville, Alabama is engaging myriad partners to help guide the use, growth and sustainability of the hardwood forests in the area. Economic drivers, such as Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel’s need for quality white oak logs, are being coupled with the biological conundrum of regenerating oak to raise awareness of how active management and viable markets can work towards sustained solutions.


  • Schweitzer, Callie J.; Dey, Daniel C. 2017. Midstory shelterwood to promote natural Quercus reproduction on the Mid-Cumberland Plateau, Alabama: Status four years after final harvest.

  • Pinchot, Cornelia C.; Schlarbaum, Scott E.; Clark, Stacy L.; Saxton, Arnold M.; Sharp, Ami M.; Schweitzer, Callie J.; Hebard, Frederick V. 2017. Growth, survival, and competitive ability of chestnut (Castanea Mill.) seedlings planted across a gradient of light levels.

  • Trammell, Benjamin; Hart, Justin; Schweitzer, Callie; Dey, Daniel C.; Steinberg, Michael. 2017. Effects of intermediate-severity disturbance on composition and structure in mixed Pinus-hardwood stands.

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