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Dumitru Salajanu

Forester/Remote sensing
United States Department of Agriculture
Pacific Southwest Research Station
United States of America


Ph.D. in Remote sensing of environment, GIS, Forest ecosystem dynamics, Forest hydrology and Watershed management, Forest ecology, Forest management, Applied linear statistical models, Water quality management, Natural resource measurements and analysis, etc., 1998 University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment M.S. in Remote Sensing Aplication to Forestry, 1993 University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources and Environment, Ann Arbor, Michigan B.E/M.E in Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Financing, International trade, Statistics, Labor economics, etc., 1983 " Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca (1983), Romania, B.S/M.S. Forestry in Forest management, Silviculture, Forest entomology, Afforestation, Dendrology, Dendrometry, Pedology, Botany, Plant physiology, Physics, Biochemistry, Topography and photogrammetry, Forest roads and bridges, Technology of forest operations, etc., 1973 Transilvania University of Brasov (1973 University of Brasov), Romania,

Research Interest

Spatial pattern, measure of aggregation and ecological diversity. A comparison among species diversity, similarity, species abundances, etc., in federal, state and private owned forests.


  • Salajanu, Dumitru ; Jacobs, Dennis M. 2009. Predicting spatial distribution of privet (liguestrum spp.) in South Carolina from MODIS and forest inventory plot data

  • Salajanu, Dumitru; Jacobs, Dennis M. 2009. Using forest inventory plot data and satellite imagery from MODIS and Landsat-TM to model spatial distribution patterns of honeysuckle and privet

  • Salajanu, Dumitru; Jacobs, Dennis. 2010. Contribution of climate, soil, and MODIS predictors when modeling forest inventory invasive species distribution using forest inventory data.

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