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Francis Roesch

Research Mathematical Statistician
United States Department of Agriculture
Pacific Southwest Research Station
United States of America


Education: Ph.D. in Forest Biometrics/Ecology Program, 1988 Rutgers University M.S. in Statistics, 1988 Rutgers University B.S. in Natural Resource Mgt, Forestry, 1984 Cook College of Rutgers University

Research Interest

Estimation methods for the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program's (FIA) Annual Forest Inventory sample design. Estimation of forest attributes and the dynamics of those attributes are explored.


  • Roesch, Francis; Coulston, John; Van Deusen, Paul; Podlaski, Rafal. 2015. Evaluation of image-assisted forest monitoring: A simulation.

  • Roesch, Francis. 2016. A simulation of image-assisted forest monitoring for national inventories.

  • Roesch, Francis. 2017. Dual-filter estimation for rotating-panel sample designs.

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