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Kurt Riitters

Research Ecologist & Team Leader
United States Department of Agriculture
Pacific Southwest Research Station
United States of America


Education: Ph.D. in Forest Science (Silviculture), 1986 Oregon State University M.F. in Forest Management, 1978 University of Minnesota B.E.S. in Elected Studies, 1976 University of Minnesota.   Professional Experience Various, Various 1983—Current  Kurt Riitters' research experience has been with four Federal Agencies and private industry.  

Research Interest

Landscape ecology. Spatial pattern analysis. Quantitative ecology.


  • Riitters, Kurt; Costanza, Jennifer K.; Buma, Brian. 2017. Interpreting multiscale domains of tree cover disturbance patterns in North America.

  • Vogt, Peter; Riitters, Kurt. 2017. GuidosToolbox: universal digital image object analysis.

  • Wickham, James; Riitters, Kurt; Vogt, Peter; Costanza, Jennifer; Neale, Anne. 2017. An inventory of continental U.S. terrestrial candidate ecological restoration areas based on landscape context.

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