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Gareth Smith

United States of America


 Gareth Smith joined the PetroStrat sedimentology/reservoir geology department in October 2015. He brought with him 10 years of experience in petroleum industry consulting. He has significant experience in all aspects of clastic and carbonate sedimentology, fracture interpretation, reservoir quality analysis and field mapping. He is a specialist in detailed core description and image log analysis within the full range of depositional systems, including the integration of all drilling, log, mud-log, core and image log information. Gareth’s regional experience includes; UK, Norway, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan, Algeria, Cameroon, Libya, Kurdistan, Iraq, Qatar, Angola, North America and Vietnam. As well as detailed sedimentological interpretation across cored and non-cored sections using image log signatures, Gareth also integrates detailed fracture, breakout and flat bedding relationships in order to understand the regional stresses (historic and current day) imposed upon a field. Gareth has devoted much time in developing a transparent and understandable image log analysis workflow spanning the data QC to the final interpretative and reporting stages. He has experience in detailed petrographic description and interpretation of clastic and carbonate lithologies and associated diagenetic interpretation and porosity history modelling/prediction based on core, SWC or ditch cuttings samples, plus environmental interpretation integrated with log data.

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