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Peter Lucas

Sedimentology – Department Manager
United States of America


Peter joined PetroStrat in June 2014 to head up and manage the new Sedimentology Department. He has 34 years’ experience in petroleum industry consulting, with extensive experience in all aspects of clastic and carbonate sedimentology, fracture interpretation and petrographic/diagenetic analysis. He is a specialist in detailed core description, including as a means of characterising wireline log and image log signatures to additionally enable detailed interpretation of uncored intervals; something he has been doing for over 25 years, including in horizontal/highly deviated wells. He is very familiar with the integration of all drilling, log, mud-log, core and image log information in the detailed evaluation of reservoir sections, often in cooperation with client companies. In his projects integrated detailed fracture description of cores and image logs have allowed systematic semi-quantification of fracture porosity; allowed understanding of regional stresses, breakout patterns and the identification and characterisation of faults and their influence on adjacent bedding. He has worked closely with biostratigraphers and seismic interpreters on various projects to create detailed sequence stratigraphic correlations and reservoir zonations and used his sedimentological expertise to comment on reasons for the discontinuity of sand-bodies etc. He has extensive experience in detailed petrographic description and interpretation of clastics, carbonates and basement/igneous lithologies and associated diagenetic interpretation and porosity history modelling/prediction based on core, SWC or ditch cuttings samples, plus environmental interpretation integrated with log data. He has presented papers on image log interpretation and gamma ray log evaluation as a tool to aid correlation and facies interpretation and has led field trips including a recent one related to the UK Bowland Shale. He has given training courses in sedimentology and image log interpretation to the industr

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