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Simon Cole

Senior Stratigrapher – Nannopalaeontologist
United States of America


Simon has 11 years’ experience in petroleum industry consulting. He completed a M.Sc. in Micropalaeontology (London, 2004) that involved a long project on Paleocene-Eocene nannoplankton of the northwest Pacific. Simon has significant wellsite experience, having conducted wellsite micropalaeontology and nannopalaeontology on more than 20 Danish wells, and wellsite nannopalaeontology on numerous assignments in the UK Sector (~10 wells), Gulf of Mexico, offshore Newfoundland, Trinidad, East and West Africa, and the South China Sea. Since joining PetroStrat in 2006 Simon has focussed entirely on nannopalaeontology and rapidly built experience in Cenozoic to Triassic aged sections and has analysed over 200 Cenozoic and Cretaceous well sections from diverse regions including the North Sea, Greenland, North, South East and West Africa, Middle East, Trinidad, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South China Sea, Brunei, Australia, Eastern Europe and onshore USA.

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