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Mikael Dolsten, M.d., Ph.d.

President, Worldwide Research & Development and Ex
United States of America

Mikael Dolsten, M.d., Ph.d.


Mikael Dolsten is focused on advancing the company’s scientific leadership in small molecule medicines, biotherapeutics and vaccines. He is a member of the Pfizer Executive Leadership Team and the company’s Portfolio Strategy and Investment Committee, which governs major pipeline investments and strategic end-to-end R&D priorities. He leads the Worldwide Research and Development (WRD) organization at Pfizer, which is responsible for research at the company, including development of all compounds through proof of concept, and provides safety, regulatory and clinical operation support to the entire R&D pipeline.  

Research Interest

Mikael is a named inventor on several patents and has published approximately 150 articles in international journals, with particular contributions in areas such as molecular cell biology, immunology and oncology.  

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