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Gabrielov Andrei

 Department of Mathematics
Purdue University
United States of America


Dr. Gabrielov Andrei is affiliated to  Department of Mathematics, Purdue University. Dr. Gabrielov Andrei is currently providing services as Professor . Dr. Gabrielov Andrei authored and co-authored multiple real algebraic and analytic geometry .

Research Interest

real algebraic and analytic geometry 


  • A. Eremenko, A. Gabrielov, A. Hinkkanen. Exceptional solutions to the Painleve VI equation. J. Math. Physics, 58, 012701

  • Birbrair, L., Fernandes, A., Gabrielov, A., Grandjean, V (2017) Lipschitz contact equivalence of function germs in R^2. Annali SNS Pisa 17: 91-92

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