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Juliana Friedmann

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning
Business Management
Quark Pharmaceuticals
United States of America


Juliana Friedmann, M.Sc., Senior VP of Strategy and Planning. Ms. Friedmann joined Quark (QBI) in 1998. Throughout her career of over 20 years, Ms. Friedmann’s experience has focused on intellectual property, marketing, business development and strategic planning activities in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In 1983, Ms. Friedmann joined Dead Sea Bromine, of Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL), the largest chemical conglomerate in Israel. From 1983 until she joined Quark in 1998, Ms. Friedmann held a number of progressively senior positions including managing organic fine chemical products serving the life science industries, a major biocide joint venture with the U.S. leader in the field and directing business and new product development activities. Previously Ms. Friedmann worked as a Patent Attorney in Milan, Italy, at one of Italy’s largest patent firms with offices in Germany. University, Israel.

Research Interest

Ms. Friedmann received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Ben Gurion

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