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Harry Roy

School of Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
United States of America


Professor Roy has collaborated with Drs. Alan Day and Robert L Dean of the University of Western Ontario on producing an update of their Visual Genetics software package. Professor Roy and his colleagues at Rensselaer have conducted research on educational methods. Their work has focused on demonstrating the effectiveness of studio teaching techniques

Research Interest

Plant Biology, Molecular Chaperones, STEM Education


  • Balaji, B, Gilson, M., and Roy, H. (2006) Binding of a transition state analog to newly synthesized Rubisco. Photosynthesis Research, 89, 43-48.

  • McDaniel, CN, Lister, BC, Hanna, MH, and Roy, H (2007) Increased learning observed in redesigned introductory biology course that employed web-enhanced, interactive pedagogy. CBE – Life Sciences Education 6: 243-249

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