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Kathleen Lord-jones

Aviation Cabin Safety Expert
Robson Forensic
United States of America


 Kathleen Lord- Jones is well respected throughout the aviation industry as an expert in cabin safety. Cabin safety deals with all activities that cabin crew must accomplish to maintain safety in the cabin. These activities contribute to safe, effective, and efficient aircraft operations in normal, abnormal and emergency situations. Her experience includes nearly 25 years as a flight attendant for a legacy carrier, during which she also directed the National Safety Department for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. Ms. Lord-Jones has been instrumental in developing more stringent safety standards, new training curriculum and legislation towards the advancement of aviation safety. As a Party Coordinator and Go-Team member in support of the NTSB, Kathleen gained extensive experience in accident and incident investigations. Her tenure as the APFA National Safety Coordinator required her response and expertise for many accidents and incidents including: American Airlines flight 1420, Little Rock, AR, 1999; American Airlines flight 1291, Miami, FL., 2000; and American Airline flights 587, Belle Harbor, NY. 2001. Kathleen co-authored “Cabin Safety Guidelines”, for the International Society of Cabin Safety Investigators. She also worked with the Federal Aviation Administration in developing “The New Common Strategy” as a result of the 9-11 hijackings. Ms. Lord-Jones has extensive knowledge and experience of FAR Part 25, Part 91 and Part 135 pertaining to flight attendants, cabin crew and aircraft certification standards relating to cabin safety and survivability. She worked extensively with the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) community as a trainer and in the development of recommendations for 14 CFR Part 139. Kathleen is an experienced, retired flight attendant and is well versed in all aspects of cabin safety. From the aircraft galley, to the NTSB Board Room and sifting through the accident site, she is highly respected nationwide for her knowledge and dedication towards aviation safety.

Research Interest

 Her practice area of interest include Aviation, Airplane Accident Investigations.


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