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Shankari Mylvaganam, Ph.d.

Co-founder and Vice President of Research
Sapient Discovery
United States of America


Dr. Mylvaganam established the Crystallography Department at Structural Bioinformatics, Inc., where she directed the protein production and X-ray-crystallography of therapeutic protein targets for drug discovery (1997-2005).  She grew the team of structural biologists and planned and successfully directed the cloning, expression, purification and crystallography of a number of novel protein targets for customer-based and in-house programs. The customers included Johnson and Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Atherogenics, Inc., AGY Therapeutics and Pierre Fabre. She played an integral role in the structure-based inhibitor design in the in-house PTP1B Diabetes program and also headed the homology modeling efforts at Cengent. Her key contribution to the Diabetes program was to determine the first and several additional co-crystal structures of Cengent inhibitors bound to PTP1B.  She has determined crystal structures of novel proteins and protein-inhibitor bound complexes of the phosphatase and kinase families. Dr. Mylvaganam determined the high-resolution crystal structures and structure-function mechanisms of the E8 antibody in both its free state and with it bound to cytochrome-c, as well as novel hemoglobin exhibiting the Root Effect.  Her research findings were published in prominent peer-reviewed journals. She has authored many scientific manuscripts in the field of crystallography and homology modeling, and, is a co-author on several PTP1B patents.  Dr. Mylvaganam worked with the School of Pharmacy, University of London, on the structural studies of inhibitor bound viral protease. Her post-doctoral studies were conducted at The Scripps Research Institute. Dr. Mylvaganam holds a Ph.D. in Protein Crystallography from Birkbeck College, University of London, England.

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