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Mandy J. Maguire

Communication and science Disorders
School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, UT Dallas
United States of America


Dr. Mandy Maguire utilizes electrophysiological and behavioral methods to study language and cognitive development. Her recent work focuses on studying how a childhood in a low income environment might impact brain and language development, specifically related to word learning and vocabulary growth. Dr. Maguire uses new analysis techniques for EEG data — such as time frequency and coherence analyses — to address theoretical questions related to language processing, acquisition and development. Dr. Maguire earned her bachelor’s from Pennsylvania State University and her PhD from Temple University.

Research Interest

Memory and cognition, quantitative models, neuroimaging, genomics, Nonverbal cognition with specific projects focused on human aging and memory, long-term memory for faces, perception of faces, eyewitness memory, and music cognition.

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