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Elena Deryugina

Assistant Professor
Molecular Medicine
Scripps Research Institute
United States of America


Elena Deryugina is Assistant Professor of CMB, Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), The Scripps Research Institute

Research Interest

Molecular Medicine


  • Deryugina, E. I. & Quigley, J. P. Tumor angiogenesis: MMP-mediated induction of intravasation- and metastasis-sustaining neovasculature. (2015). Matrix Biology, 44-46, 94. PMCID: PMC5079283.

  • Minder, P., Zajac, E., Quigley, J. P. & Deryugina, E. EGFR regulates the development and microarchitecture of intratumoral angiogenic vasculature capable of sustaining cancer cell intravasation. (2015). Neoplasia, 17(8), 634-649. PMCID: PMC4674488.

  • Deryugina, E. I. & Kiosses, W. B. Intratumoral cancer cell intravasation can occur independent of invasion into the adjacent stroma. (2017). Cell Reports, 19(3), 601-616.

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