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Jeffery Kelly

Molecular and Experimental Medicine
Scripps Research Institute
United States of America


Jeffery Kelly is Chairman, Molecular and Experimental Medicine (MEM), The Scripps Research Institute

Research Interest

Molecular and Experimental Medicine


  • Hammarstrom, P.; Wiseman, R.L.; Powers, E.T.; Kelly, J.W., "Prevention of Transthyretin Amyloid Disease by Changing Protein Misfolding Energetics" Science 2003, 299, 713-716.

  • Cohen,F.: Kelly, J.W. "Therapeutic Approaches to Protein Folding Diseases" Nature, 2003, 426, 905-910.

  • Deechongkit, S.; Nguyen, H.; Dawson, P.E.; Gruebele, M.; Kelly, J.W. "Context Dependent Contributions of Backbone H-Bonding to b-Sheet Folding Energetics" Nature 2004, 430, 101-105.

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