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Steve Kay

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Scripps Research Institute
United States of America


Steve Kay is Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology, The Scripps Research Institut

Research Interest

Molecular Medicine


  • Zhang, E.E., Liu, Y., Dentin, R., Pongsawakul, P.Y., Liu A.C., Hirota, T., Nusinow, D.A., Sun, X., Landais, S., Kodama, Y., Brenner, D.A., Montminy, M.R., Kay, S.A. Cryptochrome mediates circadian regulation of cAMP signaling and hepatic gluconeogenesis. Nature Med. 16:1152-1156, 2010

  • Nusinow, D.A., Helfer, A., Hamilton, E.E., King, J.J., Imaizumi, T., Schultz, T.F., Farré, E.M., Kay, S.A. The ELF4-ELF3-LUX Complex Links the Circadian Clock to Diurnal Control of Hypocotyl Growth. Nature 475:398-402, 2012

  • Hirota, T., Lee, J.W., St. John, P.C., Sawa, M., Iwaisado, K., Nogushi, T., Pongsawakul, P.Y., Sonntag, T., Welsh, D.K., Brenner, D.A., Doylle III, F.J., Schultz, P.G., Kay, S.A. Identification of small molecular activators of cyptochrome. Science 337:1094-1097, 2012

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