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Thomas S. Edgington

Professor Emeritus
Immunology and Microbiology
Scripps Research Institute
United States of America


Thomas S. Edgington is Professor Emeritus, Immunology and Microbial Science (IMS), The Scripps Research Institute

Research Interest

Immunology and Microbiology


  • Huang, H., Norledge, B.V., Liu, C., Olson, A.J., and Edgington, T.S. Selective attenuation of the extrinsic limb of the tissue factor driven coagulation protease cascade by occupancy of a novel peptidyl docking site on tissue factor. Biochemistry 42(36):10619-26, 2003.

  • Liu, C., Sun, C., Huang, H., Janda, K., and Edgington, T. Over-expression of legumain in tumors is significant for invasion/metastasis and a candidate enzymatic target for prodrug therapy. Cancer Res. 63:2957-2964, 2003.

  • EL-Sheikh, A., Liu, C., Huang, H., and Edgington, T.S. A novel vascular endothelial growth factor heparin-binding domain substructure binds to glycosaminoglycans in vivo, and localizes to tumor microvascular endothelium. Cancer Res. 62(23):7118-7123, 2002.

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