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Marcia​ Webb

Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology
Seattle Pacific University
United States of America


Education: BA, Wheaton College, 1985; MA, Wheaton Graduate School, 1986; MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1995; PhD, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, 1995. At SPU since 1996. Dr. Marcia Webb has taught a wide variety of psychology courses for both graduate and undergraduate students. Her scholarship focuses on understanding religious stigma toward psychological disorders. Her article “Toward a Theology of Mental Illness” outlines some of the problems with this stigma and offers preliminary ideas about alternative theological approaches toward mental illness. Dr. Webb is also interested in suffering as a theological construct, and its relation to the psychological study of stress, trauma, and post-traumatic growth. As part of this scholarship, she also studies anger toward God, from both a theological and a psychological perspective. Her article “The Book of Job: A Psychologist Takes a Whirlwind Tour” considers these areas of scholarship as they apply to the story of the biblical character Job.

Research Interest

Living Well Initiative, Psychology


  • Webb M. Toward a theology of mental illness. Journal of Religion, Disability & Health. 2012 Jan 1;16(1):49-73.

  • Webb M. “Forgiving” God: Reflections on Psychological Research Describing Spiritual Struggle. Theology Today. 2014 Oct;71(3):337-46.

  • Webb M. The book of job: a psychologist takes a whirlwind tour. Christian Scholar's Review. 2015 Jan 1;44(2):155.

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