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Tina​ Schermer-sellers

Associate Professor
Clinical Psychology
Seattle Pacific University
United States of America


Education: BA, San Diego State University, 1982; MS, Seattle Pacific University, 1991; PhD, Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, 2012. At SPU since 1992. Without a doubt Dr. Tina Schermer-Sellers is doing unique and necessary work in the fields of marriage and sex therapy. As a PhD therapist who emphasizes a “sex-positive Gospel,” she wears many hats: licensed marriage and family therapist, associate professor of sexuality and medical family therapy, writer, speaker, and blogger on marriage and religious sexual shame. Her blog, which is read by thousands each month, is filled with inspiring ideas on marriage, parenting, religion, sexuality, and culture. Dr. Schermer-Sellers has also launched the Northwest Institute on Intimacy, whose mission is to provide training in sex therapy and spiritual intimacy to psychotherapists, and to provide a solid referral source for pastors, physicians and community leaders. Ironically, therapists typically do not get training in sexual health, and most clinical sexologists do not get training in relationship dynamics. Dr. Sellers is also the founder of, an online community of people who have experienced religious sexual shame and in their own words “tell stories of how, over time, they discovered a new way to relate to their bodies, sexuality, and God.”

Research Interest

Marriage and Family Therapy


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