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David Kenfack

Plant Science
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
United States of America


David kenak is the professor in the smithsonian tropical research institute coordinate the CTFS-SIGEO network of large-scale forest monitoring plots in Africa, as part of a global effort to understand the mechanisms that underlie forest change both in tropical and temperate ecosystems. The African network includes forest plots in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon, and a woodland savanna plot in Kenya.

Research Interest

His Research interest includes the presence of the Plant evolution and systematics - Long-term dynamics of tropical ecosystems


  • Gueye M,Kenfack D.utilisations et implications dans la conservation des peuplements naturels. Fruits.2008;65:343–354.

  • Morlon H,Chuyong GB,Condit R, et al.A general framework for the distance-decay of similarity in ecological communities. Ecology Letters.2008;11: 904–917.

  • Kenfack D.Cassipourea atanganae sp. nov., a new species of Rhizophoraceae from Lower Guinea.Adansonia.2009;33:209–213.

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