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Eric Lynch, Phd

President & CSO
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Sound Pharmaceuticals
United States of America


Dr. Lynch has led the discovery and scientific programs at SPI and serves as our Chief Science Officer. He completed his BS in Genetics at UC Davis and his PhD at UC Berkeley, where he mapped the first human gene for non-syndromic sensorineural hearing loss, DFNA1. During his post-doctoral studies at the University of Washington, he worked collaboratively to clone and characterize DFNA1 and DFNA15, and the cancer genes BRCA1 and PTEN. As an Assistant Professor in the Division of Medical Genetics at the UW, he served on the 1999 Strategic Planning Committee of the NIH, Division of Deafness and Communication Disorders. In 2001, Dr. Lynch was the CSO of Otogene and lead their pre-clinical research efforts involving auditory hair cell regeneration. In 2002, he co-founded SPI to further discover novel drug targets within the mammalian inner ear that are responsible for acute and chronic sensorineural disease.

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